The Cosmic Christ Mandate

The Cosmic Christ Academy Introduction

The Destiny of this Earth World, is the Destiny of the Ascension for All of its Human Inhabitants; and therefore, the Destiny of Life Itself;  every person and every other sentient Life Streams upon the Planet; the Elementals, Devas, Angelic Host, the Animals, Plants, Minerals and the Bio-Diversities of Living Consciousness; as well as the Beloved Earth Herself, along with Her Atmospheres, that Lovingly Protect ‘ALL’ Life upon and within this Universal Body of the Mother’s Love and Father’s Light.

Therefore, it is the Innate Responsibility of ‘EVERY’ Human Being of The Holy Universal Race of Man and Woman on Earth to NOW Become the ‘Victorious Vibratory Love in Action’, to Reach Higher into the Masters’ Octaves of ‘Their’ Lives, to Gain Liberty, Truth and Divine Freedom for all of Humanity!   Beloved Lady Portia of the Karmic Board of Directors, The Goddess of Divine Justice, Divine Opportunity and the 8th Golden Ray of Transcendence.

The lessons in every situation in one’s life, are either, an Act of Love or a Call For Love - Lord Jesus.

For the Greater Glory of God Go I, I Am TC Cosmic Christ Mandate DFH Cosmic Christ Mandate

The New Cosmic Christ Academy would Appreciate any financial assistance to continue its growth and development, its maintenance and that which will allow it to be Its Greatest Service to Humanity.  Its construction and maintenance, while everything is free of any fees or charges within this Academy, it does need the support of humanity to allow it to provide and Expand God’s Truth and Knowledge to aid in The Life, Freedom, Truth, Wisdom and the Way for ‘We The People’ to raise the Consciousness of Humanity on every level of awareness in Every Facet of God’s Evolutionary Plan For Humanity.

God Bless You!

Thank you for your Heart Felt consideration.

God Bless You!

Cosmic Christ Mandate

At this Moment the Website ‘Cosmic Christ Academy’ is still under construction and will open in the near future.  In the meantime the Elemental Grace Alliance Website offers much of what the New Site will offer.  Also be mindful that the New Cosmic Christ Academy will be based upon providing a condensed volume of Knowledge to hopefully fast track Dear Soul’s in time and energy to take the next step up the Ladder of Ascension, figuratively speaking.  This New Site will be hopefully unlike any Library, Study Platform ever seen before and that is we also refer to this New Master’s Academy as

May The Love of God Guide You Always Knowing That You Are The Christ Within

That Propels You Universal Truth!

The Cosmic Christ Academy Athenaeum Temple Of Truth Cosmic Christ Academy Athenaeum Introduction Discourse Peter 11th February 2023.pdf Athenaeum Introduction Peter 11th February 2023.mp3 Cosmic Christ Academy Athenaeum Introduction Discourse Peter 11th February 2023.pdf

The ‘’ is not a commercial site or business.  It is a Living Organism that will grow through the New Consciousness of Human Evolution over the coming months, years, decades and generations to come in Accordance with God’s Divine Will and Cosmic Law.

The Elemental Grace Alliance, in All Its Form, is a Divine Sovereign Entity as a Living Organism, that is totally unaffected by any human miscreations or laws, that do not Serve Humanity for the Greatest Good of All Concerned; that is, All of God Life through Divine Cosmic Law, here upon the Planet of Mother Gaia.

This Living Organism Is Divinely Protected Based upon the Law of Freedom and God’s Given Human Rights to Live a God Life to its full potential.

All information shared upon this Website is for Free Educational Purposes in Accordance with God’s Divine Will and the Laws of Freedom and Divine Human Rights to be Free In Accordance with Cosmic Law!

This Website has been Consecrated and Initiated through the ‘Will To Do’ and the ‘Will To Be’,

 The Good To Do and the Good To Be, and is Sanctioned by The Beloved Elohim Hercules and Eloah. Amazonia!

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