‘The Elemental Grace Alliance The God Awakening’ Book 1

Hello Dear Friends,

We all know just how much this World is influenced today by the disasters, travesties and chaos, both natural and man made, that pervade Our Beloved Mother Earth. I have dedicated my life to do all I can to find resolutions and bring about some form of Balance to all negative conditions, especially those whereby humanity, the general public, over 98% of mankind, are penalized, physically, emotionally, mentally and Spiritually, by those who would see themselves as more deserving than their fellow Human Family.

The Truth is, every man, woman and child upon Earth, regardless of race, colour or creed, irrespective of their beliefs or religious practices, are born equal in the Eyes of God. Equally, I have known just how much human consciousness and actions of that consciousness has defiled Beloved Mother Earth and humanity itself, but never, not really, have I understood the depth of what humanity has done to those who keep our Planet and ourselves from disintegrating into oblivion.

We as humanity, the whole of the human race has not just exiled itself from Love, Light and Life, but even more so, the Builders of Form, Those Beloved Elementals, Nature Spirits, Devas and Angelic Host, to such a degree that Their Lives too, have become deeply entrenched and entangled within the misinformed, and misapplied conscious and unconscious manifestations of mankind. I was so saddened, and so overwhelmed when this realization came to me, that I asked God what could I do to help make this right; how could I assist in bringing back to Humanity and these Dear Beings of God’s Creation, a ‘Quality of Life and Freedom of Spirit’ that we and They deserve.

I have now completed the transcripts of all the Discourses that I entered into with the Elementals, Devas, Angelic Hosts and All the Other Beloved Masters and God Intelligence's that came as a result of my desire to change the Charters with God to create a Bridge for Freedom or Bridge of Consciousness between Humanity and the Elemental Kingdoms. My simple desire to find a solution to this huge problem led me to this very specific Proposal;

“To change or rewrite the Divine Charters with God for the Elementals and Nature Kingdoms, so that a radical and significant shift can be made toward humanity’s conscious awareness about their interrelatedness and co-creational abilities for a more active and mutually beneficial co-creative collaboration together.”

As you can appreciate it created al lot of attention from within the Hierarchy all of Whom I had to answer to. This Book gives the full account of my Journey, of All The Universal Beings Who joined with me throughout the Course of the 4 main Series of Discourses;

Introduction for Seat Upon The Christ Council

Protecting the Future

Quality of Life and Freedom of Spirit

Narayana and Divine Grace

I have learnt so much about so many things, and there is information within the book that has never been disclosed to humanity before. There are many twists and turns throughout the Discourses, and the result, for me at least, now sets out a New Dynamic of Understanding that we all can use to walk toward Peace, Harmony, Love, Wisdom and Power in the near future.

I know the book may look on the surface to be about me, but it is not, it is about Humanity, The Elementals, Devas and Angelic Kingdoms and how we, the ones who have mistreated, defiled, corralled, destroyed or imprisoned and exiled from Love, can all now, co-create together for a New Quality of Life and Freedom of Spirit for All of God’s Creations.

It is not up to the Elementals, but ‘us’, the Humans Beings who walk upon this Most Precious and Beautiful Earth, to make some new choices in our lives.

God, Beloved Father Alpha said to me, ‘I ask you to send the e-book out free of charge, so that no-one, not a single person who is open to receive, can receive without any conditions, limitations, bias, preconceptions or prejudices placed upon them’.

So the E-Book is now ready for worldwide distribution for anyone who senses their heart quickening when hearing about this and so feels drawn to it. As the Author and Publisher, I am the only supplier of this Book.

The Elemental Grace Alliance Book is not for everyone, for it will take most people who read it, way outside of the normal comfort zones we have accepted as ‘comfortable and safe’. During the 13 months that it has taken me to write it, I too have been stretched way beyond my own conscious boundaries. It will challenge you, that I can say with confidence! But if you are up for the challenge, or simply want a great story to read that is ‘out of the box’, then I fully endorse the effort, you will not regret it! It is time to meet your I Am Presence, Your God I Am within You, and if you Know that you are one of the Second Coming Christed Beings, then Open Your Heart Dear Souls and Allow God to Speak with you through the Elemental Grace Alliance Council.

I shall leave you with these few short excerpts for the Discourses; The God Awakening -

“Who would have ever thought, that out of the ranks of the un-ascended human race, such a potent thought form, could have manifested to such a Grand Encouragement that has attracted the Whole of God’s Creations and Indeed Creators, to one point in time upon the Evolution of Mankind here on Mother Earth.”    God Zeus of the First Secret Ray and Great Life Force of Akasha

“Life Streams, particularly those who have chosen to further the Divine Plan of Spiritual Illumination, and who have chosen to become the Missionaries or Disciples of Christ, to carry the Word of God and Life, are Consecrated in the Temple of Truth. Their Energies are Blessed and this too, you have been on the receiving end of just such Adoration and Blessings, and that is why you have so many Masters, now Declaring Their Allegiance to You and Your God Plan, to Build that Bridge of Freedom between Humanity and the Elementals, Devas and Angelic Host Kingdoms. You are Ordained to Spiritual Service and all through the Course of this Embodiment, a Brother or Sister from the Temple of Truth watches over you, aiding and assisting in the fulfilment of the particular Service and Vocation to which Your Soul has dedicated you to!”   Goddess Tara of the First Secret Ray and Great Life Force of Akasha

“To achieve any Balanced Solution to any discord, first you must Let Go and Let God! No levels of personality can be included in the seeking of Truth, no ego or any thoughts that support self gain or self aggrandizement can be present during such a Heavenly Desire. Intentions must be the Purest of Heart and ONLY ever intended for THE GREATEST GOOD OF ALL CONCERNED. Grace, Harmony, Harmlessness, Purity, Balance and Unconditional Love are the Virtues you shall require to implement, for there are Laws of Creation that must be adhered to beyond all else. Divine Love is God’s Guarantee to you, for a successful Loving Life!”   Shekinah of the High Council of Elohim

So if you would like to receive a copy of this E-Book or a Soft Cover version, or if you wish to be placed upon my email mailing list for future reference, then please follow the links provided below.

Alpha told me during these Discourses:- “My Words are free for All to use, regardless of their perceived origin or whose mouth they come forth, for I Am the Origin of All Creations, All Thoughts, All Languages, All Words and All Manifestations. Man has always claimed My Creations as his or her personal domain, but they are false proclamations and one that holds no value, no substance and no Truth in My Impersonal Life.”

Share it with others and your groups or communities, and if you know of anyone who you feel could benefit from it, please pass it on with God Blessings!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and may your I Am Presence Lead you toward your Higher Truth and True Life Purpose.

In Love, Light and Life,

God Bless You


Universal Transformation

Universal Healing

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Blessings To You, and may you pass every test!

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I say to You All, May You Pass Every Test Beloved Hearts!  I wish to share this with You today also, in My Grand Royal Teton Retreat, this ‘May You Pass Every Test’, is the Salutation upon meeting and parting, not ‘God Bless You’.  It is this, not commendable and noteworthy of the Disciples and Initiates of My Heart Who are Determined to Follow in My Footsteps, not to make a rut in the road of life, but Rather to Secure what the Master has Gained?  A Worthy Cause Indeed!  Remember Dear One’s.

No Longer Seek Further That Which Is Seen,

Rather Seek ONLY Now That Which Is Unseen!

Let this Dictum, become Your Guiding Light now, for it in and of itself, has much to offer all of you as We Move Forward from here!!  -  St Germain

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This Website has been Consecrated and Initiated through the ‘Will To Do’ and the ‘Will To Be’,

 The Good To Do and the Good To Be, and is Sanctioned by The Beloved Elohim Hercules and Eloah. Amazonia!

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