‘The Elemental Grace Alliance The Christ/Group Antahkarana’ Book 2

Seat Of The Soul - Antahkarana

Soul Star - Antahkarana

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This is a brief excerpt from El Morya on the relationship of the Antahkarana with the Group the Elemental Grace Alliance Council.  This is a calling for many more to come forward who are ready to step further into their own God Given  Divine Attributes/Qualities of Love, Wisdom and Power. So, without further adieu, here is El Morya speaking:

“Today there is a need for far more symbolic aspects for the human race to grow.  You may not recognize this, and it may come as a bit of a shock to you.  But it will make sense when I explain it for you!  It is about reading and writing!  Reading has to do with the tailoring of ideas, visions and images with form and this is related to the first step in the creative process, wherein Deity, Governed and Impelled by an idea (embodying God's Purpose and Plan), converting that idea, vision, or image, into the desired substance and then tailoring it with the needed outer appearance. The Elemental Grace Alliance is providing this tailoring process, through its writing! This does not necessarily have to duplicate in every aspect of its own God Design, but simply to be a tailored Formula, a generated Template, that provides the Truth of its Design, in a Manifested way that cannot be denied as a God Plan with a God Given Purpose through Divine Will, as the result!”

“Writing then symbolizes the method whereby the process is carried on, but it is of course far more personal in its implications. Reading is concerned essentially with the realization of a tailored idea of some kind, any kind, whereas writing is, curiously enough, concerned with the individual's conscious self-relationship to those ideas, visions or images. It is the measure, the Truth of the writing, the information delivered, and the confluence of the Words and Idea, that produces the Light Substance that then has the potential to manifest/Precipitate that idea, vision or image.”

“This relates to the natural flow of Precipitation in Nature. The idea, the ideal and the idol!  Djwhal Khul says:

‘The Head (the idea), the Heart (the ideal) and the Throat (the creative agent of the resulting idol, the temporary and fleeting expression of the ideal, inspired by the idea) shall come into being; three great Centers shall now emerge in time and space and—at this point in the evolutionary cycle—we call them Shamballa, the Hierarchy and Humanity.’”

“So here you have the Elemental Grace Alliance.  Book 1, “The God Awakening” is the Idea. - The Head. Book 2 “The Group/Christ Antahkarana” - the Ideal is the Heart, and Book 3, “The Christ Councils” - The Throat, shall be the creative agent of the resulting idol ready to make manifest/Precipitate. The Idol is the Life of the Idea and the Ideal!”

“This Book 2, is designed to lead one to the Heart of the Ideal!  It has taken 2 years to formulate and put into practice, and experiment with, and although the present group members of the EGA/The Sun Of Even Pressure Disciple Council, have and continue to walk an unpaved road, the intention is to Pave that road with proven results for others to follow without having to Pave all over again! The Results thus far, We can See are Proving to be Valid and Exemplary, albeit not necessarily seen by our Brothers and Sisters upon the ground.  But We tell you, The Elementals and the Devas are aware of the Intentions and Visions to Create and give Form to those Ideas.  Phase III, Will through Divine Will begin to Solidify this Divine Plan.”

“Now you have a very broad understanding of the Elemental Grace Alliance Divine Plan.  If you have not already read Book 1 – The God Awakening, then I would invite you to do so, for it contains the very foundation of the idea, by providing a summarized account of that which I have explained above.”

“To engage this Plan, the reading of this Book 2 “The Group Antahkarana”, will not help you much, for without the previous part read and reviewed and tailored to your own Individualized Expression, you will only fall into the trap that so many fall into and you will not appreciate the value of this Work.”

“Book 2 speaks for itself and is the gradation of the increased momentum to take one through the various opportunities to see and recognize a Formula and Template that once employed will, without doubt assist in the fast tracking of one’s expanding consciousness.  But remember this, it is going to ask for your complete Divine Sacrifice to all that no longer serves you. It shall mean for you to be stripped clean and release all personal desire, to Surrender you to the Higher Christ Will.”

“You are being led here to a set of 14 Rules that have been tried and tested over eons of time.  You may not understand everything you read, but do not be dismayed, for if you do everything you are guided to do and forget about your own personal attainments for both individual and group Initiation, it will all happen quite naturally!  But make no mistake, you will still have to do the work and surrender to all that you continue to hold onto that which relates to ‘I shall do it my way’! Your way Dear Soul is about to end, if not, then your personal development shall only be delayed and elongated within time itself.”

“I now wish to speak to you of the Antahkarana, and to do this I am going to speak of it in terms of its own language that Djwhal Khul delivers within His many books.  I shall do this by taking many passages direct from the Books that shall provide a summary of what you can expect if you continue to read this Book 2, to its end!  We dedicate the following to Our Beloved Brother Djwhal Khul and All His Heart felt Devotion to His Own Earth Mission.”

End of Excerpt

The following links below, are basically the Primary Discourses received over the past 2 years which were all intended to be placed with Book 2.  All are here for your enjoyment, expansion of consciousness, and to potentially open new doors of creative endeavours as we each walk upon our Paths toward our next Spheres of Initiations as Applicants, Disciples or Initiates.  They may be read as to your own Higher Guidance, or beginning from left to right row by row to get a feel for Light Encoded Book 2, when it is ready!  Some of these Discourses will stretch your imagination to beyond anything you have yet heard, so please use your discernment at all times!  If you are not sure how to do this, Kryon offers you all the guidelines you will need in His Discourse below.  Happy Reading Dear Ones!

Introduction To Book 2

The Group / Christ Antahkarana

Blessings Dear Souls,

Many of the followers of the Elemental Grace Alliance have written to us asking when will Book 2 be ready to send out? It is still not ready, but we have been told, this information must be made available as soon as possible.

At the beginning of this year, 2018, We at the EGA were Divinely Guided to introduce our second Book, the Sequel to Book 1 of the Elemental Grace Alliance - The God Awakening.  The funny thing is, however, we are totally not in any position right now to produce the physical book, indeed we are not ready to produce even the free E-Book for distribution just yet!  But what we have learnt from past experiences, while setting aside old structures of thought and belief patterns, here, we are fully committed to get this material to you, as instructed by our Heavenly Sponsors.  The Book and free E-Book will follow soon, but for whatever the Divine Plan is in this advanced reading of many of the Discourses received over the past 2 years, we herewith follow our Divine Instructions with Dedication and Joy!

Beloved El Morya requested to introduce this Immanent Book 2 to you and although His Introduction is quite extensive, here is a short excerpt for your interest.  To read the whole Introduction simply download it from the link provided below entitled “Antahkarana / EGA - El Morya”.  This excerpt is not the beginning of the introduction but best suits this opening page for what is to come.  The Full Story is now available to you! We are Blessed to be of Service. God Bless You!

Antahkarana and The EGA Intro Book 2 El Morya.pdf

To help the Elemental Grace Alliance to continue to provide It’s Information and Services free of any charges or fees, please understand this does in fact, cost in time and money within its various activities;  not to mention the expansion of Its Divine Proposals for the New Radiation Centres soon to begin.   If you are in a position to be able to assist or contribute in helping us cover our costs, or plan for a Greater Future your kind and generous donations, gratuities or sponsorships, would be Gratefully and Loving Appreciated.  Thank you for your Heart Felt consideration.

God Bless You!

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