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We have spoken a lot about the Melchizedek Energies and on the surface it would look and perhaps even feel, more along the lines a Masculine Divine Attributes.  But this is not the Truth, for as it has been explained, The Order of Mary Magdalene is also part of the Melchizedek Energies. However, because there has been so much Energy given to the Divine Feminine Attributes over the past few decades, I would not be Honouring My Full Obligations here, if I did not fully Embrace the Loving Magdalene Energies, Honouring and Paying Homage to The Divine Feminine Human Souls. The Truth after all, is that both men and women upon Earth today, are very much part of both Orders Equally; The Order of Melchizedek and The Order of Mary Magdalene. But now we speak of the Mary’s of this world!

This is an email reply to a Dear Soul who came to me in 2008 and privately declared to me that she thought that she may be the reincarnation of Mary Magdalene. The Full Re-incarnated Embodiment of Mary’s Full Blood Line after she read that there was such a Soul now incarnated upon the planet!  Known as the Pale One!  It all came about through a series of coincidences that I was part of at that time.  I believe that it is now beginning to resurface again on a much grander scale! The Name has been change for privacy reasons;

Dear Ariel,

“You know I am always delighted to take you within my Heart and share My Essence with you, for in Truth We Are One and the Same.

How may I Serve You in the Highest Possible Way, so that you may rise to the occasion of Your True Identity, is the question I ask myself.  I shall first say to you I honestly do not know at this time who this Pale One is.  I cannot tell you something I do not know.  What I do know however, is that I am in direct contact, including you, of 6 of the 24 potential ‘Seeded ‘ Mary Magdalene’s, spoken about by Michael Lord Of Light in His Address to me!  Pale Ones in the making so to speak.  Why have they come to me, all asking for confidentiality, safe keeping and secrecy as you have, in silence from the outside influences who may jest and ridicule, thus attempting to impede the very Divinity that rests upon their, your and my shoulders and within Our Heart of Hearts.  They come because I Am one who has accepted the Role of Mentorship, one who has already aligned my Energies at these levels of profound potentials many years ago, even if only in My Own Divine Intent in Service to Humanity, Mother Earth and God.  I have not known why I have done such a thing, but I have known for a very long time, that one day I would have to step forward to take up a role of leadership within this world or at the very least a position as a Divine Guide, so that others may walk beside me and accept for themselves what I have found for my own self.  Maybe that is why I call myself a Conscious Evolutionary Guide?  In Truth I just Know what I Know and that it feels right for me.

Are you the One? 

I shall answer this by saying that I know you have read the channel from Christed Michael, Lord of Light.  You have to take the words and allow them to resonate within you and simply feel how you respond to them.  For me I am not so sure she does live in the Eastern part of the US as I am not 100% sure she is female or should I say that it will be a female that finally is the one who will step forward.  “Maybe this Experiment” or the “Magdalene Project” will facilitate the grounding of this consciousness and thus give way for anyone to step forward whom may first activate the Christ within themselves. After all don’t we all hold the Energies of the Christed Ones within our Genetic Profiles, Codon Rings and DNA Programming?  The Masculine and Feminine attributes are with each Soul, are they not?

You see, there are so many options here still open to interpretation and until factual information is shared or comes through that can be accepted as Gospel, then I must keep a very open mind and an open heart.  I must treat every potential Mary Magdalene  who now makes her way to me with absolute reverence as I do with all Beloved Souls.  I choose to and shall treat Her as if she IS the ONE, for in Truth One may be or All may be.  Anyway, I have offered these channels and this information to allow Their Resonances to be Heart Felt.  Please do not be afraid of sharing your Inner most self for it is only by doing this that we shall finally know our own Truth.  You claim you know Who I Am, so you will know how trust worthy I am to hold the Core of your Being in the sacredness of that connection to Source.  I tell you, that yours is no different than my own!

As I speak with you now, know that I have accepted the Role fully and totally, I have called in this Divine Being and she has acknowledged me.  I see and feel the authenticity of each that has come to me for clarity about their remembering.  Yet, I have not, nor do I wish to, make any assumptions from an ego base line or experience, as to what or who is or isn’t a Magdalene.   To take full responsibility, I must fully take total charge also of the accountability for any of my thoughts, words or actions.  This duty for me holds firm the Universal Laws, particularly the Law of One, Divine Will, Order and Grace.

So the answer lies within the 24 candidates for this position and offering to the world in Service to Humanity.  I cannot and would not say even if I did know for this is not the way.  My first obligation right now is to encircle this Child or these Children with qualified Council Members to administer the needs of She Who Has Returned and the contenders if they so desire.  Then and only then, when this is secure will I/We be given further instructions.  That is my understanding at least at this time.

It is only right that such a question be given back to anyone who sees this potential within themselves.  No one can tell them, dark or Light, for the Truth is only they Know Who They Are and what I am sensing is that even the incarnate one, may still be unaware of the full potentials at hand even though she may already be sensing some big changes coming along. 

To date with all I have spoken to, all have shown fear to this potential and it is this fear we must break down for in this Role fear has no place.  Fear must be totally eliminated from the mind, body and soul and so we continue the processes of opening to new potentials and new identities and new life and a new world.

I hope I have shared this in a way that it may bring into balance all the aspects of this energy manifestation within and around you so that through Divine Will and in Divine Order all shall be revealed in Truth and Love and of course in Joy with ease and graceful Blessings.

Just one more thing, it will always help to remain mindful that all this is actually part of ourselves anyway, we are what we are speaking of here, it is just a matter of how we choose as a Christ Council, to manifest it outwardly so that the rest of the world may see it for themselves and grasp it as part of themselves also.  It is about leading by example alone!  That is why it is wholly the responsibility of the Council to make the choices, that is the experiment;  a Council Equal to the resonance of the Christed Energies.  The Council of 12 can only provide what the Pale One needs to become, by first taking on these energies within themselves, for this entity, the Pale One, shall solely be the manifestation of the 12 in a single form, the 13th if you will, and in so doing, will be representative of all aspects of this Divinity held within as the Human Angel!  All 12 attributes such was displayed by each of the 12 Disciples of Christ respectively, held in characteristics, values and virtuous attributes.  For example I refer to these Higher Heart/Mind Virtues and their respective individuals Faith through Peter, Strength through Andrew, Love through John, Wisdom through James (Zebedee), Will through Matthew, Power through Phillip, Imagination through Nathaniel, Understanding through Thomas, Order through James (Alphaeus), Zeal through Simon, Regeneration through Judas, Elimination through Jude. Yeshua utilized these Souls and worked through them and with them and thus through each one embodied all 12 Divine Virtues and hence became the 13th.  12 +1.  What we do not know to this day is what roles and how the Feminine Disciples of that time played their parts and what the attributes and Virtues they represented.

This is the foundation of the Councils we speak of.  Can you imagine, now 2000 years on how powerful a Council could be if all 12 held the Essence or Christed Consciousness as Jesus did?  What then would the 13th aspect of this be?  I guess that is what we are all here to discover, maybe this is the foundation of the experiment.  Just how far can humans progress upon their own Evolutionary Path in accordance with their own free will?   So as we step forward to be or not to be is not the question, just shining our Light is all that is being asked of any of us right now.  God will take care of the rest!

Now you may begin to understand why I have alluded to the Council members holding certain positions, represented by the Virtues/Attributes.  I have done this for a very good reason and now their Essences are coming into the Light for examination, consideration, and acceptance or not by their own free will choices.

What is transpiring here at this time is miraculous indeed and as the fears of old continue to be released we continue to open even more.  This fear of speaking one's truth no matter what it is, is a very liberating thing indeed and especially one as powerful as this Essence of the Magdalene Energies.  How many lifetimes have we been condemned, executed and fired at the stake for speaking our Truth?  For if we never mention or hear of this Magdalene ever again, the transformations that have occurred by those who have released are such monumental steps to becoming Whole again within the realms of the Human Experience.  This alone is a wondrous gift from God!  Too long have we been suppressed by these fears of stepping out and sharing what we know as True, even if they do not resonate with another.  This group is a safe haven for truth and oneness that will set precedents for others to follow, this I Know for sure!

This group is unique for it is a template of a level of vibration that is tapping into the depths of inner refinement so that not only we, but others may step fully into their final stages of this ascension process.  The Magdalene Energies are allowing us, even the men here, to fully align within a balance rarely found upon the planet and a stepping stone now for others to access for themselves from within the consciousness paradigms we are co-creating here.

So to follow on however, there is indeed a need for caution as you have mentioned for the Pale One is a Real Incarnate and at this time while the mass consciousness is still in fear, to come forward too early with the information we are privy too, could create further imbalances as people move deeper into fear and most importantly give their powers away to Magdalene rather than see Her as themselves which shall be the intention of this event.  Her Identity must remain a secret, even from us at this time until we ourselves completely embody these Qualities for ourselves.

I hope this clarifies the Essence of where we are going with all this.

I Love You, so Deeply and Divinely,

In Divine Blessings of Awe within Your Light Shinning!


The Pale One Book.pdf

This Book has the potential of a Self Realized Journey through the Soul, to activate Memory Codes within your DNA regarding your connection to the Magdalene Christed Energies. For the first time this information is being made public and even though refers to The Pale One - She Who Has Returned of The Americas, it is truly about You Who Are Opening to the Magdalene Energies via your DNA Encodements and Genetic Profiles as a True Descendant of the Family Lineages Of The Christ .  This is another Light Encoded Book to assist in Mankind’s Evolution.

Now available as a Free E-Book,  Click on the cover to download.

“The Pale One’ - Return Of The Magdalene’s”

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