‘The Sacred Sigil Mandalas’

Universal Vision


Mother Gaia

These Mandalas were originally Created to be a part of a Divination Pack, but the more we worked with them the more expansive they become.  

However, these Sacred Sigils are far more than just for divination. Since their birthing between September 2009 and February 2010, we found that their connection to deeper understandings, is in direct support for the Evolution of the Soul; our Earth experiences within the final stages of tapping into our Higher Minds or as some would say, the Christos Consciousness that is now being Over Lighted like never before.

As the Creators of the Mandalas and the purpose for their use, Peter, Sue and myself, continued to receive confirmations through their use individually and within other group settings. These Sacred Sigils were channelled from Higher Realms of Knowledge through colour, sound harmonic and vibrational frequencies that have been filtered down through 25 Levels of Dimensional Realities.  What this means is that no matter who you are, or what level of awareness you may hold, these Sigils have the potential of working for you no matter whether you are an individual, a group or connecting with Higher Collective Consciousness experiences.

The Diamond Heart Mandalas have all been analysed, tested and grouped into four different Levels of Resonances and Morphogenetic Fields in accordance with personal consciousness as Qualities, Divine Virtues (as the 12 Mind Powers required to fully embrace Christ Consciousness), Universal Attributes and Cosmic Unification; all validated and verified through the Hawkins Scale. The calibrations of the Resonances of the Hawkins Scale, assist in the unification of intentions, visualisations and feelings of all the 7 senses, along with the harmonic applications when using these amazingly beautiful Consciousness Expanders.  These Vibrational Frequencies vary due to the influence of mass consciousness and likewise with those who are working directly with them who are now beginning to detach from the old consciousness.

These different Bands of Vibrational Resonances can assist us all in becoming more focal within ourselves to delve deeper into those unknown realities we only dream of.  To truly step into these new dimensional fields of the Cosmic Consciousness we must fully embody all of the values as set out within this Sacred Mandala’s  Ladder of Jacob. In other words, our personal Resonances cannot embody Higher Vibrational Frequencies unless we are close to that Resonant Field.  Eg: Christ Consciousness cannot be embodied simply by the choice to do so.  It must be achieved, one step or rung or Resonant at a time.  This means dedication and commitment, with the focus and attention away from the old words, thought and actions of past beliefs and programs.

To use these Mandalas simply visualize one at a time and ask a question that you would like answered. The more refined the question to more direct the answer.  For example; Instead of asking what is the cause of me smoking?  Ask What would my life be like of I stopped smoking? This allows the Universal Energies to flow more easily for you with less resistance.

Then imagine sense or feel, yourself shrink to a size that you become small person imagining the Mandala becomes a Light City.  Travel around it as you are guided and look at all the streets, and buildings and special places and be very mindful of what comes forward for you.  It may be a Teacher, Guide or an animal.  The more you observe, the greater amount of  information that will allow you to decipher and interpret. Or you may have another idea of how to use as part of a meditation experience.  You cannot be limited by your imagination!

The Diamond Heart Sacred Sigil Mandalas .

All Mandalas In This Website Are Here Courtesy of

Peter Wiechenthaler ©2010

If you would like to know more about Peter’s Divine Work, about his Sigils, Personalized Sigil or Cosmic Mandalas, he now lives in Italy (South Tirol), with his beautiful family.


Via Julius-Durst-Str. 6b

IT-39042 Brixen/Bressanone

URL: www.atlasprofilax-brixen.it

Mail: office@atlasprofilax-brixen.it

Peter Wiechenthaler  +39 346 6913064

Universal Diamond Heart

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