‘The Melchizedek Energies’

I am going to try and give you an overview of who/what the Melchizedek Energy is all about, as well as my own feelings and associations with it. Remember, you have to just feel in your heart what is true for you, and what the Melchizedek Energy feels to be, for you, please don't allow all the information to get you all caught up in the outer mind, it is your Heart that is listening and tuning in while you read! This Energy will most definitely, assist you in awakening some your cellular/genetic code memories.

There are many of us upon Earth at this time who have been Priests, Priestesses, and initiates in the Ancient Melchizedek Mystery Schools upon Earth and other Worlds as Members of the Order of Melchizedek. Many of the beings who are claiming to be Melchizedekians, are ultimately, Stating a Truth, for we are all Melchizedekians at the Highest Level of Oneness in Essence.

 However, most who claim to be of the direct Melchizedek Lineage are actually tuning in to the Melchizedek Energy, Genetic Memories, or of past lives within the Temples of the Melchizedek Order. Although I am of The Elohim in Vibration and Service, I do have soul memories of the Ancient Melchizedek Temples and Mystery School Initiations, and of the Melchizedek Mystery Temples of Light within the Higher Planes.  For once a Priest/Priestess of Melchizedek in any "lifetime" or level, you are always working in harmony with this Energy and Divine Purpose. It is a part of your Crystalline Matrix, a part of Who You Are; Genetically and Energetically speaking.

Those of us who have been within the Ancient Temples as Teachers/Educators in the past, are here today, each upon our Own Path, to once again assist humanity in remembering Who and What They Are!  It's important for us to not re-create the Temples and Mysteries of Egypt, but to remember them, that is, to put together again what we already know within Our Soul Memories, and apply the Simple Truth and Alignment of Love into Our everyday lives today.

Melchizedek Energy works in Alignment and Harmony with the Divine Plan, along with the various Divisions of the Cosmic Councils of Light (The Great White Brotherhood). The Priests/Priestesses of Melchizedek maintain a connection throughout All Levels of Creation, as somewhat of an Intermediary between the Highest Realms of Creation and the denser, more physical realms, such as mankind upon Earth. They tend to physically manifest in such worlds, at times of great transition and change, to assist in the Transmutation, Transformation and Transfiguration into Higher Vibrational Frequencies, Educating through Spiritual Truths that awaken the cellular memory of those who come into contact with them.

 In a nutshell, the Order of Melchizedek, and those physically embodying the Melchizedek Energies, are Messengers and Anchors of Love and Truth across All Dimensions, Serving as Reminders and Educators, for all of the Oneness in Everything, and how to find within ourselves that Oneness, to Return back into the Wholeness of Our Christed Soul Beingness.

Cosmic Empowerment

Cosmic Fusion of The Christ and

The Anti Christ Or Cosmic Atonement

Universal Celebration

What is The Melchizedek Energy All About?

I have placed within this page several buttons below, that will if clicked, take you to a PDF file of more information about both the Order of Melchizedek and my participation within this Order that has led me to the Co-Creation of this Elemental Grace Alliance.

Although I prefer not to give the details of my personal connection, I am led to do so, due to the Light Language that has been woven within the channels. This is far more important for you, because the Energies will activate and re-calibrate the DNA of your own cellular encodements as you read.  Just like the book will do!

So please move beyond the personality and open your Heart as you read. Call in Lord Melchizedek or any of His Disciples within the Etheric Realms before you begin and They will most definitely amplify The Melchizedek Energies for you so that you can feel the Resonances of your Lineages with this Order.

I Am happy to answer any questions or respond to any comments, just drop me a line on the ‘CONTACT’ page.

God Bless You


“The Melchizedek Blueprint was revealed through Jesus the Christ. He gave humanity the blueprint for Melchizedek. He created in his circuit of New Life a living path through which all could follow as the Life of the Given Son.

When you rest in the infinite love of your Creator and respond to that love as a Melchizedek, you are a light upon the hill, a Son vibration and a living reality of the Melchizedek Order.

Jesus, the Master realization of purposeful, all-encompassing love, carried the Office of Melchizedek within himself. Just as you must do. He generated that Office and gave it to humanity. Now, as you take up this Office within your being, as a living unit of this reality, you are Melchizedek. Melchizedek is the Living Truth within you. It is the soul consciousness of the Divine. It is the Father and the Mind connected in the Thought Adjuster fusion. It is the Creator and the Man acting as one unit.

Ego says one thing; Living Truth says another. You may read that you are "a Melchizedek" by the reasoning mind of the ego self or you may feel the Melchizedek Order as a vibration of utter purity, without the ego testifying to itself and its importance. Ego says one thing, the Christ within says another. Be discerning! Watch and pray! Let the Presence be that which you seek. Let no man tell you who you are. Take the narrow path to the highest peak of Living Truth:”   I AM MELCHIZEDEK! Patricia Jepsen Chuse

Who Are The Melchizedek Ambassadors of Light or Melchizedek Disciples.pdf Lord Melchizedek Discourse.pdf Born to Be Christed.pdf Melchizedek Name Change Channel   Peter 1st September.pdf The Order Of Melchizedek As I Know It.pdf The Cosmic Lattice Part 1.pdf The Cosmic Lattice Part 2.pdf Ordination For the Greater Glory of God Go I, I Am

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