‘The Elemental Grace Alliance’ ‘Pennies From Heaven’ ‘A True Story’

Blessings Dear Friends,

We are all meant to shine in this world, as all children do.  We were born to make manifest the Glory of Life, that which is innately anchored within each of us.  It is the birth right of every single human being to Shine this Light - without exception!  As we allow our own Inner Lights to Shine, we unconsciously or consciously, give others the opportunity to accept and Shine their own Lights - and not a single word ever ‘need’  be spoken.  As we liberate ourselves from our own fears and beliefs of past experiences, the simplicity of our ‘I AM’ Presence, can automatically assist in the liberation of others towards a boundless freedom.  It was the Divine Creator’s Plan for each human being never to be self-defeating, only self-expanding.  Why are we so unaware of what our Higher Truths can reveal to us?  It is because we continue to project our creations outside of ourselves, and more times than not, onto other Dear Souls, in particular our own families, close friends and working colleagues.  What we give our attention to, receives our energy.  That which receives our energy, we create.  In short what we think is what we create.  These are simple Universal Laws, that no-one is above or outside of - at ‘any’  level.  Within our Heart Centres, lie the answers to EVERY question we could ever imagine asking.  They lay patiently in Love, waiting to reveal themselves to us when we are ready to ‘Listen’ and to take note of what is being shared; the Higher Truths of Who We Are.  

“Take me to the Truth” is my Prayer to the Universe, for in these simple words I open myself to that which is Pure Light.  These words tell the Universe that I Am Willing to open myself to receive that which may Serve me in the most Honourable and most Effective and Efficient way.  Things like answers to any questions I may have, solutions to any possible problems, the Truth about any relationship at any level, it can even highlight the Highest Goals for me to attain.  By Invoking Spirit (God) in this unassuming statement “Take me to the Truth”, it opens the way for Truth to tell you what It Desires for you!   It opens the way for opportunities to create Higher Love within your life instantly in thoughts, words and actions.  However, the real Power, Strength and alignment to Truth comes when one stops thinking about what they want and simply allows what is innately Present within to flow through their being as the Light of their Divine Connection to Source, for what they Truly need!

All I personally ever sought within the pages of this book was for it to take me to the Truth once again.  In doing this for myself, hopefully it will do the same for you.  There is a cliché that says, “the truth shall set you free”.  When this was written I am sure they meant to say, “the Truth Shall Set You Free”.   Throughout this book I shall make use of normal words and capitalize the first letter.  This simply says, and makes reference to the greater or metaphysical definition of that word.  This expression for me is the God Essence that I am referring to when I use these words in their various ways.  

This book then is about a Truth that I have taken as my own through my own life experiences.  In the year 2000 my wife and I separated and that meant our two sons Matthew and Simon would be estranged from their dad as they would be 12,000 miles apart.  This proved a near impossibility to Heal so many facets of this separation.  My boys were only 12 and 8 years old at the time and through the beliefs accepted as true, I or should say we have never been able to reconcile of family relationship.   So the only way I could find to do this, was to take my situation to God to help me find a solution to this problem.   It took me 15 years to write this book, and other 7 to get the courage to publish it!  But now the Healing is complete!  Not in ways perhaps, one may deem Real from human standpoint, but one that is REAL! In the Eyes of Our Prime Creator!

If this book only ever helps one other family finding Peace and Resolution, in this lifetime or the next, then it has been a huge Healing Success, and one that holds potentials that could change this world in ways never imagined ever before!

The AMAZING thing here, is that this experience that I have had was the very Training and Knowledge that led to this Elemental Grace Alliance Divine Plan Being Conceived and Inaugurated.  11 years on from the EGA’s beginning, such potentials for the human race to change their minds about so much is a wonderful Opportunity never been possible before this time in 2020.  It has been millions of years in the Creation and Evolution of this Human Race.  Who would have ever believed we are all now standing upon the Threshold of Be-Coming a New Higher Evolve Human Race, that of the Adam and Lilith Kadmon Man and Woman!

This book may be seen as something very personal to me, and it is, but more than this, it is about the whole of this human race, every single person upon the planet.  The potentials have arrived, and so have you who are reading this!   Your ‘I AM’ Presence has led you here!

In Love and Joy - Peter

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Divine Order

Divine Faith

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Thank you for your Heart Felt consideration.

Blessings To You, and may you pass every test!

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I say to You All, May You Pass Every Test Beloved Hearts!  I wish to share this with You today also, in My Grand Royal Teton Retreat, this ‘May You Pass Every Test’, is the Salutation upon meeting and parting, not ‘God Bless You’.  It is this, not commendable and noteworthy of the Disciples and Initiates of My Heart Who are Determined to Follow in My Footsteps, not to make a rut in the road of life, but Rather to Secure what the Master has Gained?  A Worthy Cause Indeed!  Remember Dear One’s.

No Longer Seek Further That Which Is Seen,

Rather Seek ONLY Now That Which Is Unseen!

Let this Dictum, become Your Guiding Light now, for it in and of itself, has much to offer all of you as We Move Forward from here!!  -  St Germain

Having charged my Higher Mental body on going to sleep …with the desire of inspiring a review of "Pennies from Heaven" penned by Peter … I was awakened three times in the night, to write notes on what I had received… For me ,I can only read that which is true … that which comes from truth … that which resonates with my ‘Heart-Mind’ …This Book/ Letter did that from the very outset as Peter dedicates it to his sons Matthew and Simon … and to all others whose heart would resonate… to aid them in their own evolution from an ordinary life to an extraordinary one.  This is a story of but one man's vision, that became a focused journey … well written and documented… Communiqués from Man to God …God to Man and Man to his Beloved sons and to all who would receive it.  He bares his Soul with… honesty and integrity and a willingness to share his very human relationships and experiences… with all of us…… As our parents are our own horizon line .. until we seek Higher Truth and come to a "rightful understanding of the Purpose of our lives…" …. Matthew and Simon the sky is yours and ours.  Your father … has been called to serve Humanity… I know this for I AM Called also and I AM Calling you to open this Book/Letter at your first opportunity… It will knock on your heart… revealing to you a world, where with God by your side and within your Heart, all things are possible.."  The door is Locked Open to all of Us who make their way and find that Door awaiting for us to Pass through.  ‘Knock upon the Door and It shall be Opened Unto you!  For the Greater Glory of God that Door requires no more Knocking for others have Locked it Open for us! …….…  Joyce From Florida USA

Within these enlightening pages are countless ‘Pearls of Wisdom’ and guidance for one’s own spiritual journey. A veritable treasury of  Ancient Wisdom and New Revelations for all those wishing to deepen their connection with their God/I AM and work towards the prize of Self-Mastery and Ascension in these wonderful Light-filled energies of a New Era that are pouring onto our magnificent planet right now. It provides encouragement, hope and the strength to move ahead in Divine Faith and Divine Trust, knowing that our own I AM Presence is all we need as IT sees our “Big Picture” which we chose before incarnating and guides us accordingly to fulfil our own glorious destinies.  Christina Melbourne Australia  (To read more Click Here.)

‘Pennies from Heaven’, this ‘Letter’ Book is not an ordinary book, I call it ‘Divine Gifts from Heaven’!  This book touched me in so many ways.  The Uniqueness of a father, Peter, writing to his sons Matthew and Simon, in the most Profound, Truthful, Humility, Loving, Intimate, and Openness, Sharing the amazing story of his life; his adventures, moments of despair, pain, challenges, Gifts, Blessings and Heavenly Bliss. His Spiritual Path, each step of the way, with Ultimate Faith in God, Unconditional Love, Shinning, Embracing All of Humanity, in total Surrender to God's Will is something one would NEVER forget!  The Energy of Divine Love and Light is so Present, it opened my heart to such a place I have never touched before.  Love of God, Love of His Sons and Daughters, Love of Humanity and Love of All That Is!  I will cherish this book forever as this Divine Water Ignites to Seeds of Consciousness it Beholds in Divine Faith.  I Am deeply Grateful and Blessed to receive these Gifts, Messages from Heaven and all the Miracles that are part of it for me personally and the way I shall look at life from a whole perspective from now on!  Nala Joy From The Philippines

‘Book Review’

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