‘The Narayana Joy Akasha  Sanctuaries &  Reshel Radiation Centres’

From The  Maha Chohan Discourse on Narayana and Divine Grace.

“The purpose of this New Endeavour is to bring to mankind the Law of Life, the Truth, which mankind in applying, might weave into his own Energies, thus regulating harmoniously all appearances in this World, becoming Master of him or herself and as such, a Master of Self; each such one will then be a contributing factor to the Light of the World.

“Graded Radiation is not understood by individuals who provoke or scratch at the capacities of other life streams to draw and condense certain Qualities and Gifts of the Godhead. However, it must be understood by at least a few, to begin, in order to form a proper nucleus for the Magnetizing the greatest amount of the Law which is applicable to the conditions which Govern the Evolution at a given moment, that the Magnetic Field which is the ‘Sphere of Influence’ or Aura of every Life Stream, is a Powerful Factor in determining the Grants by the Cosmic Law of more than ordinary release of Instruction into the lower atmosphere of Earth. The discipline and preparation of the individual units who choose to offer their Energies as such a Magnetic Field will determine how much of the Law which We have at Our Release can be infiltrated through the consciousness of the receiving channel/s and then in turn sent forth through the Messengers including the written word to the people.

“All people are no more ready to hear the deeper Truths of Life today than they were at the time of Jesus, or of Buddha, or of Krishna, nor are they more ready to act as Magnetic Fields to draw that Powerful Concentrated Energy, nor to take responsibility through their Own I Am Presence within a group dedicated to such a selfless and arduous task. That was until now!

“Time and Cosmic Law is seeing to that! When this is understood by a group of individuals and ‘I Am’ Enabled, through limited Karma of those who choose to so avail themselves to create a permanent ‘Forcefield’, ie a Transmission Centre or Physical Retreat, a Christ Council or a Light Radiance Community, I can in Good Conscience release the activities of the Sacred Fire which, if applied and drawn through the Energies of those participating, will be all the proof that is required of the efficacy, effectiveness, value and proficiency of the practical application of the Law. Those incorporating the Truths given in the Energies of their own bodies will then be well prepared to carry that Truth into the World of Form.

“This was Our Original Design, and although We have deviated over time due to the commotions of screaming free wills We can now see new potentials arising very quickly through the concentrated efforts of those more awakened Way Showers. We now recognize there are many who are now ready, willing and able in both receiving and offering Their Energies and Divine Qualities to hold a harmonious ‘Sphere of Influence’ long enough for the Presence of the Master to convey not only the Word, but the feeling and, allowing it to enter the consciousness of the Disciples of that Group, to make a workable and practical pattern, whereby the miracles and marvels will become fact.

“I Am hoping that somewhere, someone will receive the understanding behind Our Endeavours Now and know that, in order to draw forth instruction that has not been given since the last Golden Age, and that it shall require the cooperation of dedicated Groups. Perhaps one member of the group is Qualified to draw the Grace, others Qualified to Conduct the feeling and all Qualified by the giving of their Individualized Impersonal Life Energies in the creating of a Qualified ‘Forcefield’. One which is not only a Magnetizing Centre for Truths and the Laws of Life that have never yet manifested upon Earth beyond single Identities from time to time, but which may be a Radiating Centre for the Qualities of the Being or Beings Who Invest Their Impersonal Life Energy while Initiating the masses further into Cosmic Consciousness.

“The ‘Priceless’ ‘Quality of Life and Freedom of Spirit’ is not yet understood by unascended beings, apart from a few more dedicated Souls. Know that the Love, Light and Life within your own Precious Hearts is exquisite and priceless. Life which belongs to a God Free Being, every Electron of which has been Qualified with some Dynamic God Quality and which can be Invested in Cosmic Service by which millions upon a Planet and countless trillions within a Universe may be Blessed, benefited, raised and redeemed, cannot be idly invested in a handful of individuals, except in so far as they become Radiating Centres and Double and Treble the Investment in the Work We the Masters of Love of Light, Engage in, with them!

“In every activity, you have your advanced thinkers and risk takers for community advancements, you have the workers who support societal living, you have your conscious Disciples, aspirants and chelas all willing to sacrifice self, and then you have those who without conscience, expect life to support them while not working or contributing anything to that life. Those who do not consciously promote God’s Love, We say, one day this WILL become Law upon Mother Earth. There will be those who by the very proximity to the Light will be transformed, but the length of the Dispensation, as well as the amount of instruction placed into the substance of the Earth is the written and spoken word which will remain as a heritage and guide for the peoples of the future; all now are dependent upon the ‘Forcefields’ that are to be created by dedicated, consecrated, selfless men and women, willing to bring the imbalances of life for their release.

“The time has arrived to establish the New Cosmic Consciousness upon the Earth, and I mean Upon the Earth, not within the Etheric Atmospheres of Earth, not within the mental Planes or even the emotional Planes of expression, but deep within the physical domains, which shall include a well Balanced mental, emotional, physical and Spiritual countenance, just as this Elemental Grace Alliance is proposing and exemplifying. Therein We will together, Light Up, Magnify, Demonstrate and Epitomize the ‘Forcefields’ of Earth through such Radiating Centres or Temples of the Sacred Fire. All large activities have a “small beginning” from the embryo to the seed idea of a Planet, a Galaxy  or a Universe! Just as this Elemental Grace Alliance has sprung up from a simple thought, how will you respond to its Proposals herein, Dear Soul? We Who abide within the Inner Realms await your acceptance to this Call and more so, wait to see what actions you will make, toward these New potentials.

“It is, therefore, My Expressed and Deep Heartfelt Desire to help you, individually, to comprehend the Peace which you can enjoy when you become a Comforting Flame Presence to Life. For then will you experience the active return of Comfort through every externalised form, the Invisible Ethers, and the Great Beings who have foregone the Glories of the Higher Spheres to remain the Comforting Presence by which mankind can sustain Their Life and progress in a World, whose aura is so heavily charged with shadow that it would not be possible even for the Elemental Kingdom to sustain a physical garment through which the Life Flame might find expression, were it not for Their Presence in this Universe. When you call to your Own Great I Am Presence, and to Me, The Maha Chohan, for the Feeling and Desire to be a Comfort to Life, you will find opened within the Realms of your Own Consciousness, a New Attitude toward the Life around you, and that which has seemed a battle for survival, will become a Joy, each day free of the old human consciousness and thus externalising through your Creations, Your Comfort In Life.

“I Am The Maha Chohan and I Give My Humble Gratitude to each of you here for this opportunity to share the needs of the people of Earth in this New Golden Age. Just one last thing; ‘no-one’ reading these pages, does not already have an Ascended Master Sponsor already waiting upon your full conscious commitment, co-operation and Covenant to agree to your part within the New Radiating Centres of God’s Love Substance. I, In All My Love, Power, Wisdom and Light have already Over Lighted these Sponsorships between all of you, We Know Who You Are; so Know that it is not a matter of are your Qualified or not?

It is simply are you now ready to make your commitment to the tasks being asked of you again, through these Discourses? The answer is yours, not God’s; yours and yours alone! If you accept, then it shall be the Holy Spirit’s Comfort Flame, Me, that will Lead You! I AM that Comfort Flame that Loves and Nurtures You! In Love and Light I Adorn You With My Comfort Eternally”!    And So It Is!”

Dear Souls,

I do not wish to give anything away here, for the Reshel Radiation Centres, the Narayana Joy Akasha Sanctuaries are the culmination of the whole of the Discourses.  These are not the solution, but the Foundations Stones, the Extraordinary Keys, that will facilitate the Proposals at the Highest Levels of Human Endeavours, to date upon Earth!

The idea of the New Radiations Centres came as a huge shock, not only to me, but to Other Members of the Alliance Council.  To truly understand what these are all about, and to receive the full dynamics of what they represent overall, you will have to read the Book! The Maha Chohan is responsible for bringing all this to Our Conscious Awareness, and I include here just a few small excerpts so that you can grasp the Enormity of what is being asked of the New Disciples of the New Golden Age; Us!

Universal Diamond Heart

Universal Manifestation

For the Greater Glory of God Go I, I Am

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