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Cosmic Re-Birth

‘Transformation Alchemy Class ‘The Following Buttons are Links To Other EGA Pages that Display (As Above) Other Volumes of I Am Discourses  PDF Files ‘Other Volumes Will Be Made Available As They Are Formatted’ For the Greater Glory of God Go I, I Am GESARA Inception of Light Transformation Alchemy Ascension Alchemy Class Introductoion Alchemy CLASS Boot Camp Alchemy Class ‘St Germain ‘ I AM’ Freedom Discourses’ Part 1 Vol 4 ATC Understanding Applications St Germain 23rd May 2020..pdf Discourses  PDF’s and MP3 Audio Files Part 2 Vol 4 ATC In The Spirit of Truth St Germain 31st May 2020.pdf Part 3 Vol 4 ATC Bubble of Life St Germain 2nd June 2020.pdf Part 8 Vol 4 ATC The Impetus of Light St Germain 27th June 2020.pdf Part 7 Vol 4 ATC Closing Analysis of the St Germain Alchemical Transformation Class 17th June 2020.pdf Part 6 Vol 4 ATC Inception of Light St Germain 13th June 2020.pdf Part 5 Vol 4 ATC The Master and The Talents St Germain 12th June 2020.pdf Part 4 Vol 4 ATC The Final Surrender St Germain 9th June 2020.pdf

The ‘’ is not a commercial site or business.  It is a Living Organism that will grow through the New Consciousness of Human Evolution over the coming months, years, decades and generations to come in Accordance with God’s Divine Will and Cosmic Law.

The Elemental Grace Alliance, in All Its Form, is a Divine Sovereign Entity as a Living Organism, that is totally unaffected by any human miscreations or laws, that do not Serve Humanity for the Greatest Good of All Concerned; that is, All of God Life through Divine Cosmic Law, here upon the Planet of Mother Gaia.

This Living Organism Is Divinely Protected Based upon the Law of Freedom and God’s Given Human Rights to Live a God Life to its full potential.

All information shared upon this Website is for Free Educational Purposes in Accordance with God’s Divine Will and the Laws of Freedom and Divine Human Rights to be Free In Accordance with Cosmic Law!

This Website has been Consecrated and Initiated through the ‘Will To Do’ and the ‘Will To Be’,

 The Good To Do and the Good To Be, and is Sanctioned by The Beloved Elohim Hercules and Eloah. Amazonia!

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