‘Flower of Life Fusion &  The Adam Lilith Kadmon Race’

Divine Power

Divine Balance

Flower of Life

First and foremost, I wish to share with you that what is shared here is probably more than I expected. But in saying that, I know that it is all in alignment with everything else here in the Elemental Grace Alliance and actually they all go hand in hand!

Before any attunement, activation or fusion takes place, it is vital that you review all the information thoroughly so that you are fully aware of what you are asking for!  

The other thing is this is all about Self Empowerment, Self Mastery, Self Motivation, Truth within the Essence of Your Own Divine Sovereignty with Mother Father God. It is about Integrity, Honour, Balance, Divine Order and Divine Will. So these activations thus become your own Full Responsibility to now engage and undertake in accordance with your Own Intentions! For that reason I am suggesting that you make your own arrangements to step into these potentials. You can do them as a Group if you wish, as there are no limitations or boundaries!  But in Truth this is Really between you and Your I Am Presence, The God within you and can be a very personalized experience!

I have tried to offer you all that you shall need to fulfil your Desires here, but feel free to add, subtract, change or alter anything you wish, for this has now become your Activation, Attunement and Fusion with Mother Father God!

If I can be of any further assistance, then please let me know. There is no particular time when any of this can be done, so look into it all and if you choose to go ahead, pick your own time and place and allow it to unfold with Ease and Grace to suit you!

In Love and Joy I Now step back and hand all this over to each of you!

In Love and Light and Joyous Blessings of the Heart – Peter

Below is a link to download the full PDF File of information to undertake this Fusion. There is also a link to download a Higher Resolution Image to download if you wish?


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Contact 01 Adam Kadmon Race Part 1 AA  Metatron 10th August, 2016.pdf 02 Adam Kadmon Race Part 2 AA  Metatron 11th August, 2016.pdf 03 Adam Kadmon Race Part 3 AA  Metatron 12th August, 2016.pdf LILITH MERGING WITH DAYSTAR AND OVER LIGHTED BY MELCHIZEDEK.pdf Flower Temple Of The High Heart.png 04 Adam Kadmon Race Part 4 Shekinah 9th September 2016.pdf 05 Adam Kadmon Race Part 5 Shekinah 10th September, 2016 Edited.pdf My Daily Pray to expand my Soul in God.pdf 08 QLFS EGA Lady Venus Kumara 27th Aug 2015.pdf Adam and Lilith Contact For the Greater Glory of God Go I, I Am Christ Letters EGA Book 1 God Awakening EGA Book 2 Antahkarana Rule 1 Study Invitation Fusion of the Flower of Life Single Core Information and Invocations.pdf Sacred Sigil Mandalas Melchizedek Joseph Benner The Seven Steps New Children Adam and Lilith Christ Letters Rainbow Bridge Radiation Centres EGA Book 1 God Awakening EGA Resources Management Administration Council EGA Discourses About EGA Books/Store Free E-Book Contact SOEPC Council Rule 1 Study Invitation EGA Book 2 Antahkarana ENACA Group Life Narayana Joy Christ Reshel Sanctuaries EGA Sun Reshel Headquarters Pennies From Heaven Introductoion Alchemy CLASS Boot Camp Alchemy Class IAMEGA GESARA Buddhic Columns The Magdalenes Antahkarana Christ Councils Home Mind Powers Ascension Alchemy Class Transformation Alchemy Inception of Light Cosmic Reviews Grants and Petitions Intro Cosmic Christ Love