‘The Elemental Grace Alliance Free E-Book’

Dear Souls,

I have been asked why am I giving this most dynamic, poignant and engaging 777 page book away for free?  To answer that question all I can say is that I have always believed that God’s Truth was free and that it was never meant to be capitalized upon by charging people for it! I have had many experiences in my life that has proven this to me. Not one person on this Earth can ever be denied God’s Truth because they didn’t have the means to pay for it. Does Nature ever ask for a penny to provide all its resources, Love, Joy and Beauty? Do The Elemental, Devas, Angelic Host, indeed any Being of The Hierarchy, or any other Being of Love, Light and Life ever ask for remuneration for them to impart their Gifts to us? I don’t need to answer that question!  Nor do you, I am sure!

For me, there are no exceptions to this Universal Law and those who exploit, knowingly or unknowingly, such a Law, must in turn account for their choices sooner or later.  I believe we have come far enough as a species along the Path of Evolution to start and change these old thought processes and human constraints. Yes, I know the necessities of making a living and even a profit for expansion and growth, but I am not speaking of such exchanges in that way.  It is True to say that no Advanced Civilization ever needs to live in those lower vibrational thought forms.  So, as we are on the brink of making a Transition toward the becoming an Advanced Civilization, I believe it is time to at least try to raise the old bars of resonance to pass through the ‘Rings Passeth Not’; to initiate and expand and develop Higher Vibrational Words, Thoughts and Actions.  

I once wrote a Parable that really hit home for me these Principles while touring the USA doing workshops and seminars. It was about a man named Hu, but Hu was me, in my real life. Perhaps you have been placed in that position in your life? I place that Parable here as a download if it is of interest to you.


This aspect of having to pay for God’s Truth is a very debatable subject in human terms, but for me there is no deliberation, It Just Is The Truth! The Discourses only strengthened my Knowing with this once again. Here is what Beloved Helios says in one of His Discourses:-

“There are no students and no teachers, just experiential interactions that allow information and energy to pass between each other, that assists in the recall of memory of what is already Known within the Soul! If a memory is triggered then the interaction has been achieved, if not, then the same topics of interaction will have to be entered into once again, and will continue until the Truth is Self Realized and not, teacher declared or acknowledged for you.

“The True Teacher is Impersonal, passing on information and offering wonderful guidance and direction that makes the heart sing. The difference is, these teachers do not see you as a student, but as an equal and will tell you so. There will be no differentiation between you, and they will not charge for their words or Services, in sharing what is God’s Alone to give! The charging is a very clear way to determine the underlying energies that bolster the offerings of help and the Purity of Giving. This again is a very confused area when it comes to the exchange of money for services; and one that indeed We could offer more insight, within another forum.

“It is only the personality that places itself between the divisions of student and teacher, and until these can successfully be removed, the Real Teacher cannot come forward; The Real I Am Presence cannot declare its own Sovereignty to God Him/Her Self! To become the I Am Presence and Allow God’s Will to lead you, one must truly know themselves, on all levels; how they think; why they think; they must know their human strengths and their human weaknesses; their limitations and tendencies to do this or that. Until this is achieved with such clarity, these misconceptions will play out, and that can only lead to further delays and resistances upon the ladder of ascension. Humanity cannot afford any further delays, can you Dear Soul’s relate to this information?”

With that and what Alpha and Omega state quietly, yet aflamed, in Their Discourse:-

“My Words are free for All to use, regardless of their perceived origin or whose mouth they come forth, for I Am the Origin of All Creations, All Thoughts, All Languages, All Words and All Manifestations. Man has always claimed My Creations as his or her personal domain, but they are false proclamations and one that holds no value, no substance and no Truth in My Impersonal Life.”

So I am Honouring God’s Holy Desire here and in offering this free to all no-one is denied of what truth God Desires to Give at this time.

The Soft Cover Version is also available, but as there are costs incurred for the production of such a physical manifestation, for now anyway, I must charge for this accordingly.  And it is with the need for financial resources to bring this Elemental Grace Alliance into fruition I must raise money at the same time through such sales or ‘Love Gifts’. Else the movement forward and the momentum upward, would soon diminish and that is not what God Desires is for this HIS/HER Divine Plan!

So if you wish to receive a Free E-Book then please simply write to me with your details and I will send it to you with pleasure and delight asap.  Please remember Book 2 is not quite available just yet but you can preorder just the same! The same goes for the Soft Cover Version Book 2. Bless You!

If you wish a hard copy as the Soft Cover version, you may order the book by writing to me also. The EGA is the only outlet resource of this Book, as I am the Publisher and Book Printer also. The prices are on the ‘Contact’ page within this website.

Bless You Dear Hearts

The Elemental Grace Alliance

Parable of Hue, Amy and the 2 Mandarins.pdf


Open Mindedness

Universal Divine Alignment

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For your free copy of the PDF file, click on the book image above.  Any Love Gifts would be Graciously received to help keep the EGA Moving Forward in Its Divine Plan.  For the Hard Copy/Soft Cover Book, you can order it here by following the PayPal Link below giving your full name and address.  Book, postage and handling are all included in the prices.  Thank You.

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