‘The Divine Mind Powers Of The Christ Consciousness’

The theme and chains of thoughts herein, were initiated from the two books

1. The Twelve Powers of Man by Charles Fillmore


2. Birth of the Light Body by Nada-Yolanda


The Divine Mind Powers Of The Christ Consciousness

Is a compilation of understanding and practical application for educational purposes only!  

This E-Book is dedicated to the memories of the authors and to all those Children of the Light who are Seekers of the Truth and whom are open to the Higher Awareness of Their Spirituality and the Origins of Their Soul!

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In The Mother’s Love We Nurture, In The Father Light We Give, In The Impersonal Life We Live! Mind Powers Contact For the Greater Glory of God Go I, I Am Christ Letters EGA Book 1 God Awakening EGA Book 2 Antahkarana Rule 1 Study Program Christos Consciousness Mind Powers Peter.pdf Twelve Powers of Man Charles Filmore.pdf

Great Central Sun

Christ Consciousness

Part 1 Twelve Mind Powers Divine Faith  Master Hilarion Charles Fillmore.pdf 01 Faith.png Part 2 Twelve Mind Power Strength Master Hilarion Charles Fillmore.pdf Part 3 Twelve Mind Powers Divine Love Master Hilarion Charles Fillmore.pdf Part 4 Twelve Mind Powers Divine Wisdom Master Hilarion Charles Fillmore.pdf 04 Wisdom.png 05 Will.png Part 5 Twelve Mind Powers Divine Will Master Hilarion Charles Fillmore.pdf Part 6 Twelve Mind Powers Divine Power Master Hilarion Charles Fillmore.pdf 06 Power.png 07 Imagination.png Part 7 Twelve Mind Powers Imagination Master Hilarion Charles Fillmore.pdf Part 8 Twelve Mind Powers Divine Understanding Charles Fillmore Master Hilarion .pdf 08 Understanding.png Part 9 Twelve Mind Powers Divine Order Master Hilarion Charles Fillmore.pdf 09 Order.png Part 10 Twelve Mind Powers Divine Zeal Charles Fillmore Master Hilarion.pdf 10 Zeal.png Part 11 Twelve Mind Powers Divine Regeneration Master Hilarion Charles Fillmore.pdf 11 Regeneration.png 12 Elimination.png 03 Love.png 02 Strength.png Part 12 Twelve Mind Powers Elimination Master Hilarion Charles Fillmore.pdf ‘If You Would Like To Help Support the  Elemental Grace Alliance’s Work Please follow the PayPal Link to make a Love Gift’ Bless You! 12 Divine Elimination Mind Power.mp3 11 Divine Regeneration Mind Power.mp3 10 Divine Zeal Mind Power.mp3 09 Divine Order Mind Power.mp3 08 Divine Understanding Mind Power.mp3 07 Divine Imagination Mind Power.mp3 06 Divine Mind Power Power.mp3 05 Divine Will Mind Power.mp3 04 Divine Wisdom Mind Power.mp3 02 Divine Strength Mind Power.mp3 01 Divine Faith Power Power.mp3 03 Divine Love Mind Power.mp3 Introduction to the Divine Mind Powers.mp3 Introduction 12 Mind Powers Visual.png Introduction Twelve Mind Powers.pdf Throne of The Christ.png Throne of The Christ No Names.png 12PowerofManFillmore Barry.mp3 Sacred Sigil Mandalas Melchizedek Joseph Benner The Seven Steps New Children Adam and Lilith Christ Letters Rainbow Bridge Radiation Centres EGA Book 1 God Awakening EGA Resources Management Administration Council EGA Discourses About EGA Books/Store Free E-Book Contact SOEPC Council Rule 1 Study Invitation EGA Book 2 Antahkarana ENACA Group Life Narayana Joy Christ Reshel Sanctuaries EGA Sun Reshel Headquarters Pennies From Heaven Introductoion Alchemy CLASS Boot Camp Alchemy Class GESARA Buddhic Columns The Magdalenes Antahkarana Christ Councils Home Mind Powers Ascension Alchemy Class Transformation Alchemy Inception of Light Cosmic Reviews Grants and Petitions Intro Cosmic Christ Love The Resetting Of Christ Time Upon Earth Christ True Virgin