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Blessings Dear Souls,

Djwhal Khul 10-day Rule 1 Study Group – Next Class is expected to begin on the 2nd April, 2022.  All Welcome – No Charge - Registrations being accepted now.

The Elemental Grace Alliance (EGA), is inviting all those who may like to participate in this Group, for a 10-day Study Opportunity of Rule 1 of the 14 Rules for Group Initiation, as set out by Djwhal Khul in The Rays and The Initiations by Alice Bailey (Copyright Renewed 2018, Lucas Trust).  

The success of this Rule Study, continues to encourage and inspire many to move forward in greater awareness of their Spiritual Development through the Teachings of Brother DK.  This Study is Over Lighted and Guided by Master Djwhal Khul Himself, the Karmic Board of Directors and other Members of Shamballa and the Hierarchy.

We would like to share some of DK’s thoughts here that underpin this Study opportunity, and which will help each person, who undertakes this particular ‘Point of Focus’ for Group Study, along their continued Path of Initiation.

“I wish to encourage your creativity to attain your goals, to be mindful of the Vision and hold this Vision firmly within your Hearts and Minds.

“I will help you with your Group Endeavours, to rise in consciousness to go forth as a Divine Unity of Oneness, To Love and Serve All Beings while truly Comprehending and Understanding the Truth of Working as an Ashramic Group within this New Golden Age.

“I will remind you constantly, to remember exactly what you are doing at all times. This is of major importance. To know why this is important is so that you register mindfully conscious and all the time, just exactly what you are doing. I would have you remember that right doing is the result of Being.

“If your Awareness of Being is of a personality nature, so will be your activities and creations. If your consciousness is focused in Spiritual Being, Group Attainments, your spontaneous, creative and active Service will be consequently through this Radiation during and into the future. Please ponder on this, for it has great value in its simplicity. Not easy to attain, but simple in words.”


The EGA will provide a Website Link to the Study Material before the Study begins. You download one per day or all 10 for the duration of the Study.  It shall be a 10-day Study period that shall require around one hour per day whereby you simply say a Prayer to Invoke the Energies of the Day, Shamballa, Hierarchy and Humanity. The Prayer and Invocation will be provided as a guideline, however, you are free to create your own if you wish. Each day at a time of your choosing, preferably the same time every day, you then read and then write in a notebook provided by you.  We suggest that this notebook be large enough to be able to continue the study into and through the 13 consecutive Rules that shall be a different Course beginning around 2 weeks after the end of Rule 1. The notebook therefore should contain around 180 pages, lined both sides (around 360 in total).  This 10 day course has an average of 1 and a half pages of text to read or write, per day. The follow-on of the 2 to 14 Rules Study has 144 days on the same average.  Past experiences have proven by far, that doing this as a writing exercise will have far more expanded results as opposed to just reading.  But it will you the choice of each individual.

This shall be an Individual Inner physical experience.  However if you have any questions, queries or need any assistance throughout the Course, there will be Dear Souls from the EGA who will answer you email/s.  These is another Element to this Study.  You will also be Uniting as a Group within the Etheric Realms offering an additional Level or Dimensions to Study.  This will help all Energetically as they all move closer to the Manifestation of the New Ashramic Groups of Divine Synthesis.

Further Instructions will be sent to all those Participating in this Study Group prior to the commencement 2nd April, 2022.

The Study is free of charge and is intended “for educational purposes only”. However, if you wish to make a kind ‘Love Gift’ donation as part of the Exchange of Energies, then your voluntary gift toward the EGA non-profit administration activities, will always be gratefully and graciously received.  Press the PayPal link here or go to the ‘Button’ at the bottom of this page.


Simply follow the Registration Link below.  If you have any problems please email us on the email address below.

This will also confirm your email address for us in the process.  Our email is below or you can submit your intentions upon our ‘Contact’ page button!

These extra actions over and above a normal form and submitting your intentions, again, due to the nature of this Study Course.  This Course is deigned for an additional option for those ready to commit to their Ascension Program in a much more Wholehearted Way.  It will test you, and it will be only one’s persistence and Inner resolve that will see you to the end!  10 days plus 144 days an hour a day EVERY day will not be for everyone.  Just remember it was not your ego personality that led you here to this DK Study Opportunity it was your ‘I AM’ Presence!

After the receipt of your Registration your name will be entered for the April 2022 Group.

During the 2 weeks prior to the start of the Study, we shall be forwarding various supporting information that will most definitely help you in your preparations that will assist you in a deepening awareness and understanding of Divine Will and Divine Purpose.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to provide further clarity for you if needed.

In Love and Light We Share

The Elemental Grace Alliance Council

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To help the Elemental Grace Alliance to continue to provide its information and Services free of any charges or fees, any Loving donation, gratuities or sponsorships, would be Gratefully and Loving Appreciated.  Thank you for your Heart Felt consideration.

God Bless You!


Rule 1 of the 14 Rules for Group Initiation Trial Study Group

With Djwhal Khul  

All Rule Texts are from the Book - “Rays and Initiations” by



Rule 1 Study Group Beginning 2nd April, 2022      

Please Note:- Registration Forms close on the 26th of March, 2021

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