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Welcome to the Book Store. Not a Book Store as you may know it, but indeed a place where you can obtain the Books or E-Books that we have to offer.  Please know that The Elemental Grace Alliance is not a business, yet it does require the generation of funds to be able to facilitate what is out flowing now as New Cosmic Consciousness to be Created as the New Radiation Centres around the World in the future. Meanwhile, the old form of money is still required to resource and utilize all facilitation to move forward. You all know what we mean,.

So all books here are available in E-Book form. They are free of charge, but if you feel like you would like to make a Koha Blessings then we will be very appreciative of your generosity.  If you cannot, there is no judgement here, and we Bless you equally just the same for your Loving Energies just to be Present with us!

The only book that requires payment for the book and postage is the Elemental Grace Alliance Soft Cover.  The God Awakening Book 2, The Group (Christ) Antahkarana, which shall be Book 2 is in the process of producing a PDF and Soft Cover.  Watch this space for further awareness.

God Bless Each of You -   The Elemental Grace Alliance

The Elemental Grace Alliance

The God Awakening - Now Book 1

Soft Cover - 777 Pages

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The Elemental Grace Alliance

The Christ Councils - Book 3

Free E-Book - About 300 Pages

In Progress

The Elemental Grace Alliance

The Group Antahkarana - Book 2

Free E-Book - About 500 Pages

Not Yet Complete, Most Discourses Available - on “BK 2 Antahkarana”.

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The Elemental Grace Alliance

The God Awakening - Now Book 1

Free E- Book  - 777 Pages

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For the Greater Glory of God Go I, I Am All The Following Books and E-Books Are Solely  Published and Distributed By “Narayana Joy Publishing”

Trading As - Peter Melchizedek

The Pale One Book.pdf

The Pale One - The Return Of The Magdalene’s

This Book has the potential of a Self Realized Journey through the Soul, to activate Memory Codes within your DNA regarding your connection to the Magdalene Christed Energies. For the first time this information is being made public and even though refers to The Pale One - She Who Has Returned, it is truly about You Who Are Opening to the Magdalene Energies via your DNA Encodements and Genetic Profiles as a True Descendant of the Family Lineages Of The Christ .

Free E-Book - 87 Pages

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Pennies From Heaven

Is an autobiography and memoirs of Peter Melchizedek, the Founder of the Elemental Grace Alliance that tells of the experiences and journeys he has had that led to the creation of the EGA. This book is very personal to Peter, as it was purposefully written to his two sons Matthew and Simon, after a family separation in 2000, when they were only 8 and 12 years old.  This book is part of a Healing process that goes far beyond most people’s awareness.  It is made available to all who may also be looking for Balance, Forgiveness and Healing in their lives. Truly Inspiring!

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